Data Protection

General Practice Transparency Notice for GPES Data for Pandemic Planning and Research (COVID-19)

Data Protection

We ask you for information so that you can receive proper care and treatment. We keep this information, together with details of your care, because it may be needed if we see you again.

We may use some of this information for other reasons: for example, to help us to protect the health of the public generally and to see that the NHS runs efficiently, plans for the future, trains its staff, pays its bills and can account for its actions. Information may also be needed to educate tomorrow's clinical staff and carry out medical and other health research for the benefit of everyone.

Sometimes the law requires us to pass on information.

The NHS Central Register for England & Wales contains basic personal details of all patients registered with a general practitioner. The register does not contain clinical information.
You have a right of access to your health records.


You may be receiving care from other people as well as the NHS. So that we can all work together for your benefit we may need to share some information about you. We only ever use or pass on information about you if people have a genuine need for it in your and everyone's interests. Whenever we can we shall remove details which identify you. The sharing of some types of very sensitive personal information is strictly controlled by law. Anyone who receives information from us is also under a duty to keep it confidential.


  • giving you health care and treatment
  • looking after the health of the general public
  • managing and planning the NHS. For example:
  • making sure that our services can meet patient needs in the future
    • paying your doctor, nurse, dentist, or other staff, and the hospital which treats you for the care they provide
    • auditing accounts

    • preparing statistics on NHS performance and activity (where steps will be taken to ensure you cannot be identified)

    • investigating complaints or legal claims

    • helping staff to review the care they provide to make sure it is of the highest standard

    • training and educating staff (but you can choose whether or not to be involved personally)

    • research approved by the Local Research Ethics Committee. (If anything to do with the research would involve you personally, you will be contacted to see if you are willing)

The practice complies with the guidelines established by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (see next).

Freedom Of Information – Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the practice to produce a Publication Scheme. A Publication Scheme is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available.

Click here to download the Freedom Of Information – Publication Scheme

Subject Access Request Policy

Subject access request policy (PDF, 437KB)

Child Friendly Information

Child friendly poster GDPR (PDF, 230KB)

Childfriendly GDPR policy (.docx)

Supplementary Privacy Notice for Summary Care Records

Privacy Notice

We understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe and secure and we take this very seriously. We have taken steps to make sure your personal information is looked after in the best possible way.  We review our procedures regularly.

Please click here to read our privacy notice (‘Privacy Notice’).  Please read it carefully, as it contains important information about how we use the personal and healthcare information we collect on your behalf.

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